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And now for a semi-good story. I was given a number to call so I can request for airlifts for the critical care survivors during the Florida bus crash in Bontoc. Someone gave me a number saying “ito, sundalo, si Manny - matutulungan ka niyan, kilala mo yan.” So I call this number late late at night to guarantee that a ride will come and fly sila Abby Sicam, Mylo Cabardo, and the rest to hospitals in Manila. I bugged him and was a bit stern and firm, told him, “Sir, aasahan ko yang helicopter ha ng 5am sa Bontoc.” And he was really listo and said, “Yes Ma’am, I guarantee it.” I even name dropped a Colonel (Zagala) whom I was calling and who helped us during Typhoon Yolanda and said if wala doon ang chopper, tatawagan ko ang Colonel. And he said, “Ay sige, Ma’am pero ako rin ang tatawagan ni Colonel.” So that was that. True enough, when we got to Bontoc, the Air Force was there, available, willing, efficient. They flew everyone as best they could. Done and done. I was so grateful. So I msgd Manny the soldier again and said thank you, broke the news that Mylo didn’t make it but we were grateful for the chance to try everything for his family. So he called me back and said, “At your service, Ma’am, condolence, sorry about your friends.” And that was that.

The next day nakita ko sa diyaryo na nasa Baguio pala si Manny (sundalo) kasi PMA reunions at nakita ko do’n, apparently AFP Chief pala siya. Wasak! Lt. Gen Emmanuel Bautista was “Manny Sundalo” on my phonebook! Aaaaaaugh! Dyahe!! Kaya pala he was saying “Eh ako rin ang tatawagan ni Col. Zagala.” Shet!!!!! Diyahe. But I must say - ang bait ni Lt. Gen Bautista, hindi niya ako inangasan at the time I was in a state of edgy panic and urgency. He didn’t (though he COULD HAVE) pulled literal rank on me. But he didn’t. I’m so grateful hindi niya ako inastahan ng “hindi mo ba ako kilala?” Or nag alpha-male-whatever, though he must’ve chuckled at how clueless I was when I was bugging him so late at night.

I am as diyahe as I am grateful. Mabuhay ang AFP na tumutulong sa mamamayan!

Shucks. Kahiya.

/Gang Badoy
Rock Ed Philippines

Hi dear,

I just want to start the year by writing to you. I know I already told you that 2013 has been the most challenging year for me and the highlight of it all is you. Let me tell you why.
I made a lot of mistakes and experienced its consequences, I am sure taught me a very good lesson that I will bring this year. I lied to you on some things and I’ve seen what it did to us. You know, I was almost on the verge of giving up because I thought you don’t deserve someone like me. I was about to walk away and love you in the distance  but God has been good to me and He’d shown me signs that I should not lose hope and I did! I realized, there is indeed a reason why you came into my life.
I never cried buckets of tears to someone until you came and I never known my mistakes until you’ve shown it to me. I learned to value trust because you have secrets and pasts that you can’t just open to someone. I know sometimes I still don’t know the reason for your sadness and I will wait for the time that you will open yourself just like what I did. For the meantime, I will always find ways to make you smile and put your worries away.
Sabi nga nila, madami kang nagagawa dahil sa pagmamahal. Naniniwala na ako dyan ngayon. Hindi ko na iisa isahin kung bakit. Kahit na sinubukan mong ipinagtabuyan mo ko noon, gumawa pa rin ako ng paraan para mapalapit pa rin sayo.
I know you feel that I am so attached to you that you can’t just pull me away and leave me. I thank you for still being here with me and I treasure every second of our time together.
Nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos kasi pinaintindi nya sakin na di dapat ako maging self centered pagdating sa pagmamahal. Na hindi dapat nakafocus sakin ang lahat. I learned it from just being with you.
Sometimes you remind that we like different things and believe in different ideals but my objection would always be “opposite poles attract.”
It is now clear to me the meaning of adjustment. It is when you wholeheartedly support everything your loved one does. It is when you set aside arguments and focus on what needs to be done. It is when you come to love everything and everyone he loves.
Again, thank you for staying with me and I am excited to face this year with you. Let’s make more meaningful and happy memories together shall we?
I love you to the moon and back.

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